Our Love for Bamboo and Organic Cotton

Little Moo commits to offering only the best and softest clothing for your little ones! Our fabric’s blend of bamboo and organic cotton make them some of the most sought-after fabrics in the world. We strive to create garments that are crafted from oeko-tex certified wholesome fabrics, specifically bamboo and organic cotton that will ensure no harsh chemicals are introduced to your little one’s sensitive skin.

An infant’s skin is known to be extremely sensitive, absorbent and delicate exposing the child to a higher risk of potential external toxins that could irritate their skins. That is why Little Moo creates all our collection pieces with only the best and softest fabrics available! Little Moo’s ultra soft and wholesome fabrics are ideal for young children due to their powerful and unique characteristics geared to protect your little one’s skin.

Our love for Little Moo’s unrivaled blend of bamboo and organic cotton stems from their long list of compelling characteristics. For one, our bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, ensuring no natural pesticides, chemical treatments or other skin irritants are used introduced in the development of the fiber. It also has antibacterial, anti-fungal and odor resistant properties, as well as powerful insulating and natural UV protectant capabilities that make it ideal for little ones! Moreover, our biodegradable fabrics are also eco-friendly, since the production of bamboo fiber transmits fewer harsh chemicals into the environment than other fibers used to make garments.

After learning about all of the unique and powerful characteristics of our bamboo and organic cotton fabrics, not to mention they are some of the softest and most durable fabrics available, we couldn’t wait to create clothing that would stand up to the everlasting energy of babies and toddlers, fit and feel great on their little bodies, and still make your little ones look as adorable as ever!

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