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Our Story


Little Moo was born from my love for anything children! From a young age, I couldn’t help but be drawn to any baby or toddler that was in my vicinity. Their innocence and light-heartedness are unlike anything else. My goal in creating Little Moo is to help bring simplicity to the busy, at times crazy lives of parents and caregivers. While simplicity is one of the defining aspects of Little Moo, we are also committed to offering your little ones some of the softest, highest quality fabrics available. 


Little Moo's unique blend of super soft fabrics, delicate color palettes, and minimal designs bring simplicity to a child's wardrobe all the while giving back to children in need.  



Born and raised in a small town just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I crave simple things that make me feel good, which is something that I’ve tried to incorporate into Little Moo. Simplicity and functionality merge in Little Moo to create a brand of blankets and clothing that will stand up to the everlasting energy of babies and toddlers, fit and feel great on their little bodies, and still make your little one look as adorable as ever!   

I hope your experience with Little Moo is as exciting and satisfying as mine.

Much love


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